Qualitätsmanagement Automatische BildverarbeitungAutomatische Bildverarbeitung Qualitätssicherung
Qualitätsmanagement Automatische BildverarbeitungAutomatische Bildverarbeitung Qualitätssicherung
Beratung Training ISO QualitätsmanagementBeratung Training ISO Qualitätsmanagement

Consulting & Training

Image processing

We consult you in the areas of quality assurance, measuring and inspection technology, image processing, lighting technology, software for measuring for industry and production as well as for the automation of measuring and inspection processes using image processing technologies and statistical methods for quality control.

Modern image processing systems with powerful camera systems, complex software packages and spectral illumination are excellently suited for automating measuring and inspection tasks in production. 

The right combination and optimal design of all components play a key role in the optical measurement and detection of defects in ongoing production. 

We consult you on your way to a customised and reliable industrial solution.

Our offer

Analysis and development of new image processing solutions according to customer requirements:

  • Testability of your products on the basis of samples provided in our laboratory or on your premises
  • Planning and carrying out feasibility studies and consulting through
  • Designing, lending and testing suitable image processing technology 
  • Assessing feasibility through preliminary experimental investigations
  • Advising and supporting the integration of image processing technologies in close cooperation with their or our machine manufacturers
  • Programming of the inspection software according to your requirements

Analysis and development of new image processing solutions according to customer requirements:

  • Sifting and evaluating existing plant systems and integrated image processing solutions
  • Revision and optimisation through 
  • Hardware adaptations
  • Intelligent programming solutions
  • State-of-the-art new technologies
  • Expansion of existing solutions
  • Creation of concepts for the integration of new test criteria

Analysis of the scope of testing tasks and development of suitable testing strategies by:

  • Designing automated manual test stations according to customer requirements
  • Development and production of system solutions in small series

Your funding opportunities

Our potential analyses and consulting services can be subsidised through funding. Our employees are accredited consultants of RKW Thuringia and RKW Saxony and have been working very successfully with these institutions for years. We will be happy to advise you on available funding opportunities. 

Qualifications of the consultants

You will be consulted and supervised exclusively by engineers with practical experience who have completed a very thorough and in-depth training in mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, control engineering, technical optics, lighting technology and image processing.

Our expertise

We have almost 30 years of experience in the design, development, construction and industrial implementation of complex image processing systems for automated measurement technology and quality assurance. Our competent development engineers have successfully completed more than 160 projects for our customers.


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