Qualitätsmanagement Automatische BildverarbeitungAutomatische Bildverarbeitung Qualitätssicherung
Qualitätsmanagement Automatische BildverarbeitungAutomatische Bildverarbeitung Qualitätssicherung
Beratung Training ISO QualitätsmanagementBeratung Training ISO Qualitätsmanagement



Our offer for students

SQB GmbH's close proximity to the Ilmenau University of Technology campus provides excellent conditions for students to carry out their (specialist) internships, project seminars, final theses (BA, MA, Diplom) in connection with their studies and even doctoral theses with us. 

They are supervised intensively and result-oriented by very experienced staff. 

Numerous students have already been able to complete their theses with us with very good results. 

We also have excellent coordination with the responsible university teachers and the supervisors in the departments of the TU Ilmenau. 

As a rule, we compensate our students within the framework of mini-jobs.

The tasks can be individually adapted in terms of content and workload (project seminar, student research projects, Bachelor's, Master's and diploma theses) and degree of difficulty. 

The fields of industrial image processing, measurement technology, quality assurance and quality management are cross-sectional disciplines.

Therefore, we can offer students internships, project seminars, Bachelor's, Master's and diploma topics for different focal points in technical and economic disciplines:

Industrial image processing

  • Industrial image processing in production and quality assurance 
  • Software development in C#, C++ and Python 
  • Optical imaging systems and calibration 
  • Controllable lighting systems
  • Technical recognition - artificial intelligence - software technology
  • 2D and 3D image processing
  • Spectral image processing
  • Geometric metrology and optical metrology methods 
  • Carrying out experiments and evaluating measurement and observation results
  • Precision mechanical-optical constructions
  • Automation and robotics technology in connection with image processing
  • Process and device development

Quality management / quality assurance

  • Establishment of integrated management systems
  • Analysis of standards in the fields of quality and environmental management, occupational health and safety, automotive and supplier industry as well as medical and measurement technology
  • Internal and external audit management and audit evaluation
  • Statistical methods for quality control of production
  • Machine and process capability / test equipment capability / test process suitability
  • Software development for quality and audit management and tools for quality assurance


In arrangement with university stuff of TU Ilmenau, doctoral thesis can also be dealt with on the above-mentioned main topics.

So far, three doctoral students at SQB GmbH have completed their doctorates very successfully. We also make use of the opportunities offered by the Thuringia Aufbaubank for a funded doctoral scholarship.

Jobs and positions

  • Employees for marketing and sales

Contact – just contact us!

Studying at the TU Ilmenau

Visit the website of the TU Ilmenau.

Thuringia Scholarship

We congratulate our doctoral student and Thuringia scholarship holder Dr.-Ing. Philipp Greiner on the successful defence of his dissertation with the topic: "Web-based integrated management and audit management systems" at the TU Ilmenau, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. 

The Thuringia Aufbaubank supports doctoral students with the Thuringia Scholarship and conducted an interview with Dr Greiner and Prof Linß on this subject:

To the interview


+49 (0) 36 77 · 46 90 59 10

We congratulate our colleague Dr. Konstantin Trambitckii on completing his doctorate at the TU Ilmenau, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with the topic: "2D-surface analysis of metal surfaces on the basis of texture feature algorithms".

Dr. Trambitckii received the award of the Mikhail Lomonosov Elite Scholarship during his studies in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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