Qualitätsmanagement Automatische BildverarbeitungAutomatische Bildverarbeitung Qualitätssicherung
Qualitätsmanagement Automatische BildverarbeitungAutomatische Bildverarbeitung Qualitätssicherung
Bildverarbeitung Sichtprüfung Optische PrüftechnikBildverarbeitung Sichtprüfung Optische Prüftechnik

About us

Quality assurance & image processing - 

from the idea via development to industrial application!

We consult you on industrial image processing and automation of inspection processes in your company.

We develop and manufacture customised measuring and inspection systems, products and components for automated industrial image processing with the highest resolution, low measurement uncertainty and high reliability in small and medium series.


We have many years of know-how in setting up and maintaining management systems and support you in internal and external audits. Furthermore, we advise you on questions of image processing, lighting systems, create concepts and carry out feasibility studies.


Service and long-term customer care are our particular strengths.


The direct proximity to the Technical University of Ilmenau ensures the transfer of the latest research results into our industrial practice.


Thanks to the initial support of an endowed professorship, we have very close contacts to specialist of 

„Quality Assurance and Industrial Image Processing" department at the TU Ilmenau.

Our company acts sustainably. 

We conserve resources and ensure optimal working conditions for our employees and their families.


The environmental management system and the conversion of our vehicle fleet to electric and hybrid powered cars with the company's own charging stations are further movement in this direction.

Quality assurance image processing
Qualitätsicherung Prüfprozess Beratung Forschung


Qualitätssicherung und

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